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As is the case with the rs, the gt can only be had with a sixspeed manual transmission. Please check availability with your renault dealer. If the renault megane rs 265 is a hardline, rightwing, no compromise character of the hot hatch world, then the gt 220 is a moderate, centrist diplomat whose way with words is just as compelling as the formers fury. Today renault announced the new megane gt 220, available as a three or fivedoor hatchback or sport tourer estate. It should be noted that printing limitations do not permit the subtle paintwork shades on these pages to be shown with absolute accuracy. From then on, youll be able to find all things renault in one place. New megane gt performance, technology and driving pleasure the new renault megane gt features a dynamic,carefullyhoned stance and comes with unique technology.

Gt 220 sportwagon at your renault dealer will reveal it in its true colours. Renault megane technical specs, fuel consumption, dimensions, power, maximum speed, torque, acceleration 0 100 kmh, engine displacement, drive wheel, tires size. This page provides the information about renault megane, gt 220. Gtline tce 140 pf tce 140 edc i1 pf tce 16 0 pf tc e 160 edc i1 pf blu e dci 115 blue dci 115 edc i1 blue ddci 150 edc i1. Jul 18, 20 renault is tapping into australias obsession with performance cars by releasing a limited edition renault sportengineered performance wagon as a part of its latest megane update. The megane gt 220 is great to drive, thanks to its renaultsport roots. A passion for performance elf, partner of renault recommends elf partners in cuttingedge automotive technology, elf and renault combine their expertise on both the racetrack and the city streets. Lasting protection and optimum performance for your engine guaranteed. Renault megane drivers handbook manual pdf download. We test new renault megane renaultsport gt 220 coupe butch warmhatch looks for gt 220 cabin. Its daytime running lights with led technology give it a sharp look. The fourthgeneration renault megane enters the market with a gt version topping its range, and its the fastest, most exciting model. We analyse hundreds of thousands of used cars daily.

Admittedly, i was about 25, i was single and id just got a posting as a diplomat in prague. Search over 1,300 listings to find the best local deals. The 220 has plenty of kick across a broad operating range and is easy to drive with. Discover new cars, check out after sales services and locate your nearest dealer. The renault megane is a small family car produced by the french car manufacturer renault since the end of 1995, and was the successor to the renault 19. New zealand vehicles may differ in characteristics, specifications, equipment, accessorises and. A customised, sporty look, featuring gt 220 badging, a numbered plate and 18inch gloss black wheels. Renault also launched an even more powerful version available in 5door hatchback and estate bodystyle, the renault megane iii gt 220 fitted with an updated turbocharged 2. The 18 daytona diamondcut wheel rims impose their style. This platform is dedicated to our passionate drivers, amateurs as well as more experienced, looking for high performance parts for our renault sport racing cars. Een design dat niet misstaat op een circuit renault megane r. Renault megane gt 220 coupe laptimes, specs, performance data.

Renault megane is recognisable as soon as you look at it. Hij staat op ruim bemeten 18 of 19 lichtmetalen velgen en heeft. List of renault performance specs dear racers and car enthusiasts, please take into consideration that the renault 0 to 60 times and quarter mile data listed below are gathered from a number of credible sources and websites. The same dynamics as gt, including a chassis and suspension developed by renault sport. The megane gt 220 sport wagon is a slightly detuned version of one of our favourite highperformance cars the megane rs 265 coupe. Renault launches gt 220 mildly hot versions of megane hatch. Check out their specs and features, and find you ideal renault megane, gt 220. The megane has been offered in three and five door hatchback, saloon, coupe, convertible and estate bodystyles at various points in its lifetime, and having been through three generations is now in its fourth incarnation. Gt 220 gt 220 premium body type hatch seating capacity 5. Still pretty fast, the gt 220 hatch fivedoor, coupe threedoor and sport tourer wagon have been. Renault has rolled out the megane gt 220 range to slot in just below its hallowed rs models. Renault plus garantie upgrade lancierungspreis inkl.

Renault knows the value of communicating with its customers and we have established effective ways to keep in touch with you. A new, sportier version of the renault megane, the gt 220, has gone on sale in hatchback, coupe and sport tourer forms, with prices starting at. Whether changing the oil or simply topping up, to find the approved elf lubricant best suited to your vehicle, ask your renault dealer for a recommendation or consult your vehi cle maintenance handbook. Renault has expanded the megane sport range with a new, cheaper model. Renault megane sport gt 220 5 things you need to know carwow. Based on the same platform as the larger espace and talisman big cars we dont get in the uk it. Prijslijst renault megane hatchback en estate juli 2019. From mechanical parts to bodywork elements, you will find on this shop all the products and accessories to reach the top. The rear lights, also led and with 3d effect, highlight its unique personality, day and night. The renault megane gt220 drives like an rslite locked up by the fun.

Gtline energy tce energy tce edc i1 energy dci 110 energy dci 110 edc i1 ener gy dci gt. Unlike the renault megane rs 265, the gt 220 offers a more relaxed. Renault megane technical specs, fuel consumption, dimensions. The objective was to create something quicker and sharper to drive than the gt. From time to time changes are made to the colour range. Renault megane tce 220 gt 20 essence occasion rouen seinemaritime 76.

Renault will miss out on customers because its a manualonly. The new renault megane gt 220 is based on the existing gt line tomtom, but gets more power and firmer suspension. The new megane estate gt 220 is powered by a renault sport 2. Were writing to inform you that we will be moving all our renault sport cars and motorsport content on the. It has a gutsy engine and a great chassis, plus its a practical car. Feb 25, 2015 although an estate version of the fullfat renaultsport megane would have been nice, in the real world this warmedup sport tourer gt 220 makes more sense. While the 265 is a semitrack model for the very serious driver, the 220 is aimed at the person looking for a family transport with a healthy dose of driving excitement.

Please elf has developed a complete range of lubricants for renault. On paper the renault megane gt 220 sport wagon looks like an ideal blend of performance and practicality up front theres a 2. There are some equally capable rivals on the market which are a little cheaper to buy and run, but the renault. The power for all three models comes from a 2liter turbo making 220 hp, just like the old megane rs. In a nutshell the renault megane gt220 is a warm hatch thats a. Page 220 it is important to comply with the towing weights governed. Gt line the megane gt line makes a statement and features exclusive design accents and advanced safety options. If after speaking to your local renault dealership you are not completely satisfied, please contact the renault uk customer relations department on 0344 3350000 monfri 9. The renault gt 220 coupe is a logical and accomplished addition to the megane range. Renault megane gt 220 sport wagon quick spin french brand blends hot hatch performance with wagon practicality in convincing fashion. This enduring partnership gives drivers a range of lubricants. The renault megane rs265 now has a more affordable, more practical but less powerful sibling. However, there are several factors that affect a cars 060 time or quarter mile stats and different sources. Gtline tce 140 pf tce 140 edc i1 pf tce 16 0 pf tc e 160 edc i1 pf blu e dci 115 blue dci 115 edc i1 blue ddci 150 edc i1 enzi e 6dt nw vap 2l 815.

Renault megane range extended with sporty gt 220 autocar. Gt 220 the gt 220 exudes sporting prowess, taking performance to a new level. Rolled out in 2006, the renault megane gt is a more powerful variant of the basic megane, being equipped with advanced engines capable of providing more power with optimized fuel consumption. The french want with the renault megane gt 220 especially against vw golf or audi a4 avant put a potent competitor who brings besides ample cargo space and a large portion of power. Its up there with the volkswagen golf gti to me this was high praise indeed. Gt line tce 140 pf tce 140 edc i1 pf tce 16 0 pf tc e 160 edc i1 pf blu e dci 115 blue dci 115 edc i1 blue ddci 150 edc i1 enzi e 6dt nw vap 2l 815. Renault megane sport gt 220 car for sale in australia. I used to own a golf gti, and i dont think ive had more fun in a vehicle.

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